Monday, April 19, 2010

[Trite, yet Tittilating Title]

Last night I was surprisingly relieved to feel a solid and undeniable sense of conviction. It was a great comfort to know I could still hear from God, and that I wasn't "out of touch" or something.

Yesterday evening my friend Christine lent me a series titled Dead Like Me. The show is about a girl that dies in a freak accident (she is hit by a flying toilet seat from space) and becomes a grim reaper.
The show centers around George and her friends, who are all grim reapers. The series makes very light of the subject of death. Alarmingly so, in fact, as the show follows the characters while they rob from the dead and squat in the homes of the recently deceased in an attempt to get by while they perform their duties of extracting the souls of those that die.

I watched the first two episodes last night, and had to take a break as I retrieved Crystal from work. As I drove to Farm Fresh I got a clear and unquestionable feeling of "Don't watch that any more. Just give it back".
This came as a surprise, a relief, and a comfort; all at once. It was a great feeling just to be reminded that I can in fact hear from God.
I suppose I've been praying about this very thing for the past few months: If there's one thing I want right now more than anything else, it is to hear from God in a clear and undeniable way. I finally got that last night.

It's amusingly ironic to think that feeling a little bad about watching a show made me feel so good. It certainly was confusing to Christine when I tried to explain why I was returning the two seasons of DVDs to her this morning. All I know is I feel at peace with God in a tangible way, and I haven't had that in a while.


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Why did you change the title?

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