Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frustratingly Confusing Communication Failures

Crystal and I seem to be having trouble with communication sometimes.
Last night she told me that she needs to work on her homework so I won't be able to see her until Sunday. Fine. I decided Thursday would be convenient to see a movie that Crystal wouldn't be interested in.
I decided that I would see Watchmen after I got off work. Crystal isn't a geek like I am, she's usually simply indulgent in that area, so I figured she wouldn't be interested at all in that movie.
I texted Crystal after I clocked off and I even told her exactly what movie I planned to see and when. She said "enjoy your movie", and that was it.
After my movie is over (2.5 hours later), and I'm on my way home, Crystal mentions that she wishes I hadn't seen that movie because she wanted us to watch it together.
Hold on, what?
There is no reason she couldn't have simply told me BEFORE I saw the movie! She could have mentioned it looking intriguing when she saw the trailer, or she could have said something when I told her I planned on seeing it this afternoon. I could have picked another movie to see (Street Fighter IS still playing), or I could have just gone home and played video games, more than content to wait to see Watchmen with her.
I hope Crystal understands that knowing she didn't speak up and afford me the pleasure of waiting to see it with her upsets me more than her possibly "ruining my plans".


cryswil said...

hmm ouch.

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