Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One of the few things I hate about being male.

So today was fun.
I dropped my dad off to do his clerical work at church as he does every Tuesday through Wednesday, and I went on to the Myer's to see Crystal. Centerville Turnpike was being drained of flooding so Regent University Drive was backed up interestingly far, so I'm glad it didn't affect me.
As I stepped through the door I didn't see Crystal groggily stepping out of the bathroom to greet me as usual from across the dark sitting room. I saw A.J. sitting at his breakfast giving me a cheery "Hi Mr. David!", Michan sitting at her computer, and Crystal on the couch, also with her laptop, apparently getting a head start on reading her latest syllabi - a startling change in the routine for the first morning of Spring Break for Crystal and Michan.
Nonplussed, I set my laptop bag down and sat next to Crystal on the couch with my Bible in hand to prepare for our devotions: today we were to finish Ephesians. Crystal fretted to me a little about her new workload, then she set her laptop down and gave me her attention. I read the last chapter and made the decision that we would begin Daniel tomorrow.
As Ana woke up, A.J. put in The Jungle Book 2 and Crystal and I watched it for a little while before heading out.
Crystal and I left the Myers' at precisely 10:35, for no truly adequately explained reason. We went to the Barnes & Noble at Pembroke to meet Crystal's friend Jordan, who was in town because was also on her spring break. At about tern after Crystal got a text mesage from Jordan, informing her that they had arrived. They?
As Crystal and I got to the Starbucks at the front of the building we saw Jordan, and we met her friend Sam. We all got drinks and snacks and sat down, and were soon joined, unexpectedly (at least by me), by Mike Lowry. 'Twas an amusing surprise.
At a little after one o'clock we all went our separate ways, Mike went away, Jordan and Sam went to check out Regent's book store, and Crystal and I went to check on her sisters while her mother gave us an absolute miserable time of it.
We went back to the Myers' to meet Deanna, and Jordan and Sam arrived shortly after we did. It was fun, but Jordan and Sam didn't stay very long, and I had to go bring my dad home from church.
Crystal came over later around 5:45, and my dad told her about a nanny position. She made a simple call, and got a very promising job. That's one of the few things that I hate about being male. I love working with kids, but as a male, it's not normal, and would be impossible for me to get a babysitting job, even just once. Nothing against Crystal. I love her, but it irks me that so easily she was able to get the kind of job that I've always wanted to be able to do.
After dinner Crystal and I played Spades with my parents, but around 10:15 my mom got tired and called the game. Crystal left and my parents went to bed.

That's all for now. I need to start moving on a career.


cryswil said...

Hey, I love you. I'm aware that Moe's is a temporary thing, but I still fear that I upset you too much with my constant nagging about careers. Don't get me wrong,it would be nice to find something promising for you that is a steady and secure place for you to stay...but I understand that jobs are hard to find these days. I know you're trying, and I am sorry if I make it seem like that's never good enough. You rock my socks :)

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