Sunday, April 5, 2009

Advocating Anime

Crystal has been softening to the idea of anime.
She knows I've attended the anime club at school and went to Nekocon a few (4) times.
I've argued the point with her a few times that anime isn't all satanic or porn like my mom seems to think. I told her about my favorite anime: Ghost In the Shell, and how it's very intelligent and philosophical. It was even named by the Wachowski brothers as one of the inspirations for the Matrix trilogy.
She said she'd watch it. (Just to appease me.)
Randy has apparently seen some of this very series in the past, and was also excited to watch it with us. Awesome, he can help me explain and advocate Ghost In the Shell to Crystal.
She saw an episode, and decided she could tolerate it further. I was convinced she'd like it, so I continued to show her more, and she conintued to say it was a little interesting and she wouldn't mind seeing some more.
Finally we were at her parents' place this afternoon with her sisters while her parents went out, and we saw another episode or two, and Crystal told me that she likes Ghost In the Shell.
Score! I win!


cryswil said...

I love how one of the tags is "heck yes".

You're awesome :)

Panda said...

Anime is awesome~ Glad you got Crystal interested! haha :P


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